email2wav - Text To Speech for emails

Language (lingua): English, Italiano.


email2wav is a Text To Speech converter for emails.

It is a script which allows you to produce a collection of audio files containing your emails.
For example you could put the generated audio files in your USB key, eventually after converting them to MP3, OGG or other formats, then you could put the USB key into you car stereo and listen to your emails while driving to work.

The program is still in an early development stage, there are many features which could be added and there may be some bugs in the code. It is already usable on GNU/Linux, but it should work without many problems on similar systems, it needs an UNIX-like envinronment and these programs: awk, lynx, text2wave.


You can download email2wav from the SVN repository: <>.


The development area is located at: <>.

You can send comments and questions to Marco Parrone <>.